In giving users the ideal experience, UI and UX design are crucial, but people often mistake one for the other. Many people even use them interchangeably when they’re two different concepts and play different roles in design. While they’re integral to a positive user experience, it’s important to understand what UI and UX are and how they influence experiences with a website or another digital product.

Here we’ll explore these two concepts, the differences between them, and how they can benefit any type of businesses.


What Exactly Are UI and UX?


UI and UX are similar, but they aren’t the same. While user interface (UI) design refers to the interface that people use to interact with a digital product, user experience (UX) design applies to the actual experience that users have with the product. In other words, UX is the full experience that people have, and the UI is the tool that people use to enjoy that experience.

Together, good UI and UX can help users get the most from the physical and digital products they access, but it’s important to understand their differences.


The Differences Between UI and UX Design


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Digging deeper into how UI and UX design differ from one another, let’s consider how they work in terms of web design.

To start with, UI is more aesthetically oriented—it covers the functionality and look of a particular product and how people interact with it. For example, UI design could incorporate certain layouts on a web page, including navigation bars, clearly identifiable buttons, fonts, and other elements that make up the interface that people use.

Meanwhile, UX design covers the entire experience that people have, with UI design being a component of UX design. Good UX will take a look at the bigger picture of the user experience from their initial interaction to the time they become repeat customers or clients.

In developing a good UX design, designers will look into audiences and what they want, along with their demographics and habits. Based on this research, designers can better determine how to craft the perfect experience. They’ll figure out the specific journey that users take starting with the moment they first connect with a product.

With the UX design determined and mapped, the UI designer can then fully realize the UX with the help of an aesthetically pleasing and fully functional interface. In short, the UI is the tool that facilitates a great UX design. You must have a good UX design to allow for a good UI design, and vice versa.

Typically, design teams begin with UX and then segue into UI design to create the perfect experience. In the process, UI designers may consider what kind of typography appeals most to users, which graphic design elements to incorporate, and which specific layouts and color schemes are best to connect with a particular audience. UI designers may also take accessibility into consideration, optimizing a website or another product for users with disabilities.


You Need a Combination of UX and UI Design


Put simply, you must have both good UX And UI to create the best possible experience for all types of users. Having UI and UX designers on your team can ensure every element of your website or product works the way it should and connects with users. Look at it this way: If you don’t have good UX design, your UI design won’t have the guidance it needs to craft the ideal experience. Conversely, if you have good UI design but poor UX design, this could lead your UI to be ideal for one audience, but not for your own. Good UI alone might not be able to help carry users beyond that first interaction and ultimately wind up ineffective.

Having good UI and UX design will ultimately help your digital and physical products establish a strong rapport with users as they enjoy the ideal experience.


The Benefits of UI and UX Design


There are several specific advantages of UI and UX design to keep in mind if you’re still not sure whether you need both. These include the following:


Appeal to New Users


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One of the principal benefits of good UI and UX design is the ability to connect with new users on your platforms. If people have a great experience when first using your platform, this will leave a great first impression that is more likely to encourage people to return to you.


Increased Credibility


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If people use your platform and see how you’ve catered to their needs and given them the ideal experience, this will likely impress them. They’ll see your brand as more credible as you build a positive reputation, and they’ll likely want to continue engaging with you as you increase brand awareness and recognition. Good UI and UX design will also help you establish a clear, memorable brand identity with unique design elements and a great experience that surpasses competitors.


More Conversions


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A combination of a strong UI and UX will also lead to more conversions in the long run. People who use your platform for the first time and enjoy the experience will want to come back. Over time, they’ll eventually convert to customers and may recommend your business and platform to others.


Good Search Engine Optimization


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Websites need great search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure people find them on Google and other search engines. The reason for this is that Google takes UI and UX design into consideration when ranking websites. If search engines see that you offer a great experience, this can make it easier to rank for top keywords in your industry, maximizing online visibility.


Use UI and UX Design to Excel With Your Platform


Although UI and UX are different concepts, using both will give your website and other platforms what they need to thrive among users. A solid user experience coupled with an accessible and appealing user interface will connect with users and give them the incentive they need to continue engaging with your brand.


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