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We all know that 1 + 1 = 2.

However, in some rare cases, one plus one can equal eleven (1 + 1 = 11).

To my satisfaction, I have found the latter to be true thanks to the meticulous, dedicated, transparent, and business savvy marketing from VIGOR SEORCHERS INC. They explain everything in an easy-to-understand style.

Organic revenue is increasing since our organic online presence as a brand is finally optimized properly, and traffic is increasing due to keywords performing well. We are now neck-and-neck with huge company websites like The Home Depot, Lowes, and Wayfair for some important keywords at the top of Google search.

Russell Levi, President

Grace Music School

Within only an 18-month period, we gained an additional 100+ new students (customers) thanks to the SEO from VIGOR SEORCHERS INC.

We originally worked with another marketing company for our SEO needs for a longer period and found the results were not going in the right direction. Fortunately, after hiring VIGOR SEORCHERS, this SEO effort went from being a brain-strainer to a no brainer!

We are rapidly becoming the premier music school in our region of Long Island, New York due in no small part to the current SEO effort in our overall marketing mix.

John Heaphy, President

Superior Resource Printing & Graphics

VIGOR SEORCHERS INC had my SEO cranking after only 2 months! I’m averaging 2 leads per day and closing at least 50%. Amazing!

The best part is receiving automatic text notifications on my phone each time a lead submits a form on my website. In my type of business, immediate responsiveness to leads can make the difference between winning their business or not.

I never know what kind of project will come my way and it’s fun to see the types of companies that contact us now.

I’m still a happy client of VIGOR SEORCHERS INC going on 3 years and counting.

Jim Ewing, President


VIGOR SEORCHERS INC was fantastic in helping us rebrand and launch our website.

When we started our website it was on Weebly and we had a logo that we had outgrown. Igor is a great listener and patiently guided us through the entire process from concept to completion in our rebrand and we now have a website that puts us in a different league!

Highly recommend, and we plan to work with them on a ongoing basis!

Akshay Shrimanker, President

Advance Web Marketing

It’s been a profitable and pleasant experience working with the people at VIGOR SEORCHERS INC. If you need a group that knows how to get the job done and is honest with you every step of the way, look no further. Real professionals, real results, out-of-box thinkers.

Mark Jones, CEO

Kasho Consulting

VIGOR SEORCHERS INC is on the cutting edge of SEO and internet marketing. They know how to get sites ranked on page one. It amazes me that even though they’re successful, they take time to work with others in the industry and share knowledge to help those people be successful too. If you are not getting enough traffic from your website, VIGOR SEORCHERS is the agency for the job.

Yoshi Kasho, Business Growth Architect

Wholesome Health Pharmacy

VIGOR SEORCHERS INC is a group of real web marketing professionals. They put my pharmacy on the map on Google Local Searches. Business is booming & I plan to remain a loyal client! Thank you to VIGOR SEORCHERS professionals for making us known as a great neighborhood pharmacy!

Amit Dhingra, CEO & Pharmacist


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Search Engine Optimization

Google gets more than 63,000 searches per second – every single day.

Shouldn’t your business website capture some of that traffic – on any given day?

SEO is one of the best ways to transform your website into a digital asset that’s long-term.

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Do you need an exciting new website design or a redesign? New functions developed to capture more leads and sales?

Check out our case studies and explore how we can help you from concept to virtual-realty.


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What makes SEO Different at Vigor Seorchers?


Google Partner



Industry Standard Best Practices

100% White hat SEO


We actually care

The level of attention each client receives separates us from agencies that aren’t as sincerely concerned about your brands’ cause and vision.


#1 ranked agency in Google search

in Brooklyn, NY for Brookyn SEO and Brooklyn internet marketing


No business left behind

We never take on a client unless we are positive we can truly help them rank.

We do not farm out

All strategy and execution is done inhouse. We never outsource overseas.

Leading Brooklyn SEO Agency

SEO is becoming one of the most effective and trusted marketing techniques in modern business.

According to studies, over 60% of all sales are now dependent upon some form of online search. This is a staggering number and illustrates the importance of a well-directed and well-organized marketing strategy. Along with this figure, it’s also important to note over 75% of all customers never look past the first page on Google/Bing. They focus on the first few results and nothing else indicating the importance of ranking as high as possible.

This is where understanding the importance of Brooklyn SEO solutions becomes apparent.

Aspects to Consider when hiring an SEO agency


Ranking business websites on page #1 of Google search is what we do best.


It takes an experienced, caring, and results-driven agency to build a powerful web presence in Google.


We work with businesses of different types and various geo-locations. Depending on your needs, we’ll target Local or National rankings.

7 Reasons Why SEO is Unavoidable TODAY


It begins with targeted traffic and how interested each lead is.

It’s one thing to stand on the side of the road handing out flyers and a whole other using SEO to bring in new leads. A person that finds your site on Google will already be intrigued by what the business has to sell. It’s not going to be a brand-new concept to them.

For example, imagine selling acne creams online and wanting to make sure people with acne problems are made aware of what’s on offer. Not everyone you meet on the side of the road will have acne! However, everyone searching “best acne treatments in Brooklyn” will certainly have this skin condition in mind.


#2) 24/7

Brooklyn SEO solutions are great for a number of reasons and one of them has to do with around the clock leads. It’s not all about business hours online. The Internet never goes to sleep and this means leads will pour in throughout the day if your website is ranking well.

When a solid SEO campaign is put together, the website is going to attract new leads all the time.

#3) Improved ROI

What is the sole purpose of any commercial entity?

The idea is to make money and ensure expenses are cut down as much as possible. SEO is able to provide the best of both worlds. It attracts new leads and makes sure the ROI (return on investment) improves too.

SEO campaigns provide tremendous value because each lead doesn’t cost an additional amount. Instead, each lead is free after the campaign has been set up by your favorite SEO agency. This ensures the ROI goes through the roof!

#4) builds brand awareness

It’s always important to build a great brand that is renowned for its quality and efficiency.

Look at all of the leading businesses in the world and notice how important branding is in their ability to sell year-round. The best brands create meaningful SEO campaigns and make sure their name is in front of the target audience every single day.

Whether they’re on Google, Bing or any other search engine, the brand has to be built with good-ranking pages. This is when the business becomes a big part of the niche and everything it stands for. Over time, customers will begin making the association naturally and the brand will grow stronger.

#5) Continuous data

The reason Brooklyn SEO solutions are important has a lot to do with continuous data.

This means the business is able to track how each keyword is doing and what’s working once the SEO campaign is active. Are there certain keywords that aren’t doing well? Are there certain keywords that will add value to the business?

This data is accumulated by a trusted SEO specialist making sure everything is optimized down to the last detail. This is the power of a great campaign and what it can do for a business as it looks to establish itself online.

#6) Improved User Experience

With users spending hours upon hours on their devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops), it has become essential to understand their requirements. What are they looking for during their time online?

SEO is able to offer tremendous value to a business as it immediately improves the user’s experience. They’re able to find the site on Google/Bing and hop onto a website that is in line with their underlying requirements. This is powerful and a great way to woo them and make sure they are prepared to buy.

The positives start to take shape in minutes!

#7) Positive Impact on Sales Funnel

The sales funnel encompasses various features including a well-designed website, top-tier marketing, and multiple upsells. Without this, the business is going to be missing out on potential sales over the long-term.

SEO is able to refresh any sales funnel and ensure “hot” leads come through the front door. These leads want to buy and are already interested before the sales process even begins!

We Work with Brands in MOST English-Speaking GeoLocations


Although our roots began in Brooklyn, NY, we cater to clients in any geolocation in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom!


Don’t limit your business potential and see what a Brooklyn SEO company like Vigor Seorchers can accomplish for your brand.



A Well Balanced Online Marketing MIX

A high-grade marketing strategy doesn’t encompass only one technique and nothing else. In fact, it requires a multitude of strategies linked together to create one power-packed campaign.

Whether this involves sending out emails or setting up accounts on Facebook and Twitter, it’s important to set aside time for building a well-rounded marketing plan. Too many businesses get lost in one particular method (i.e. SEO) and never gain a foothold in their niche.

Marketing Plans can & should include


A trusted SEO agency is able to lay down the groundwork necessary for a robust marketing plan. This includes not only making use of contemporary SEO strategies but also integrating them with other marketing approaches. When this is done properly, the business is going to notice an immediate uptick in high-quality leads.

With leading Brooklyn SEO solutions, clients are able to take charge of their website and upcoming marketing campaign. Building from the ground up requires patience, knowledge, and the willingness to put in the work. Vigor Seorchers is a world-class web marketing and design agency with years of expertise and is a wonderful solution for contemporary website owners. Instead of guessing along the way, it’s time to grab the bull by the horns and sign up with an elite team of marketing specialists!

The Sky Is NOT The Limit

Impact of SEO

In the competitive world we live in today, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essential to set you apart from other SEO Savvy Brooklyn, NY websites. Go as far as you can for the sake of your brand.

It is your baby; after all.

The impact SEO has on a brand can be tremendous when considering the enormous search volume that occurs day in and day out in search engines such as Google and Bing. Today’s business or brand can’t afford to not participate in this unavoidable marketing channel.

Depending on your business type or niche, Social Media Marketing and Pay Per Click (PPC) Google Ads have become just as important.

As marketing experts and specialists, Vigor Seorchers is open to most challenges due to it’s near decade-long familiarity with the digital marketing space.

Let’s Work Together

We offer a robust set of marketing services and design solutions in addition to our effective SEO and PPC.

We would be honored to work with you on your upcoming project.

It all begins with you completing our marketing application by clicking the button below.

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