Pay Per Click (PPC)

Targetted Google advertising.

As a Certified Google Partner, we’re fully qualified to do your Ads effectively with measurable ROI.

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Pay Per Click

Lead Tracking

You’ll be able to track and validate PPC leads in real time through an online dashboard. You can listen to every phone call and read every form submission.

Better Sales

Vigor Seorchers tests every campaign to pinpoint the most relevant target audiences. Higher-quality click-throughs translate to better sales leads and larger sales.

Branding Benefits

PPC is great for building brand awareness and credibility because search engine users see the brand’s name constantly for their search queries. 

We Create Fully Functional Converting Campaigns So You Can Focus On Your Business

Google Ads management calls for clever strategies and a detailed roll-out handled by experienced PPC specialists. From keyword research and conception to A/B split testing, our professional PPC management continuously improves your potential to make more sales.


If you’re wondering why PPC isn’t paying off for you, then fill out our marketing application to explore how we can improve your lead generation and overall revenue.

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Effective PPC projects call for substantial skills and knowledge. At Vigor Seorchers, our paid-search experts are familiar with maximizing performance on Google AdWords. This helps us craft the best national and local strategies to meet your unique needs — and set your PPC campaign in the right direction.

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