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We all know that one plus one always equals two.

However, in some rare cases, one plus one can equal eleven.

To my satisfaction, I have found the latter to be true thanks to the meticulous, dedicated, transparent, and business savvy SEO work from Vigor Seorchers. They explain everything in an easy-to-understand style.

Organic revenue is increasing since our organic online presence as a brand is finally optimized properly, and traffic is increasing due to keywords performing well. We are now neck-and-neck with huge company websites like The Home Depot, Lowes, and Wayfair for some important keywords at the top of Google search.

Russell Levi

President, Kraus USA

Within only an 18-month period, we gained an additional 100+ new students (customers) thanks to the SEO from Vigor Seorchers.

We originally worked with another marketing company for our SEO needs for a longer period and found the results were not going in the right direction. Fortunately, after hiring Vigor Seorchers, this SEO effort went from being a brain-strainer to a no brainer!

We are rapidly becoming the premier music school in our region of Long Island, New York due in no small part to the current SEO effort in our overall marketing mix.

John Heaphy

Owner, Grace Music School

Vigor Seorchers had my SEO cranking after only 2 months! I’m averaging 2 leads per day and closing at least 50%. Amazing!

The best part is receiving automatic text notifications on my phone each time a lead submits a form on my website. In my type of business, immediate responsiveness to leads can make the difference between winning their business or not.

I never know what kind of project will come my way and it’s fun to see the types of companies that contact us now.

I’m still a happy client of Vigor Seorchers going on 3 years and counting.

Jim Ewing

President, Superior Resource Printing & Graphics

Igor and Justin were fantastic in helping us rebrand and launch our website. When we started our website it was on weebly and we had a logo that we had outgrown. Igor is a great listener and patiently guided us through the entire process from concept to completion in our rebrand and we now have a website that puts us in a different league! Highly recommend, and we plan to work with them on a ongoing basis!
Akshay Shrimanker

President, SHAY CPA

I loved working with Igor at Vigor SEOrchers! He displays a level of professionalism that is top notch and has been very helpful as I grow my business! I am looking forward to working with him more going forward!
Jonathan Timianko

President, Pier Share

Vigor Seorchers is a group of real web marketing professionals. They put my pharmacy on the map on Google Local Searches. Business is booming & I plan to remain a loyal client! Thank you to Vigor Seochers professionals for making us known as a great neighborhood pharmacy!

Amit Dhingra

CEO and Pharmacist, Wholesome Health Pharmacy

Collaborating with the Vigor SEOrchers agency has helped me cater to my east coast clients out in the New York and Florida area. They helped generate massive sales to those business owners through digital marketing and overall provided excellent service. Thanks guys

Larry Gilbert

CEO, My Digital Solutions

Vigor Seorchers has been a lucrative asset to consult with in the complex SEO arena. They utilize cutting edge software and stay abreast to the Google algorithm updates with a close eye.

Jeff Cochran

Denver SEO Expert, Ascent

I have worked with a good number of SEO and lead building advisors and not one of them have the knowledge and talent that Vigor SEOrchers has with regards to internet website marketing.

Wade Cockfield

President, Wade Cockfield Executive SEO

I had a buddy up in NYC that needed aid with optimizing his website for Google and the other search engines. And although my friend thought that I might do it for him there were 3 factors that I declined:

1. Normally, I have the tendency to shy away from doing search engine optimization for friends because they expect me to do more work for them for less money which leads to bitterness.

2. I don’t know much about the NYC aside from exactly what I’ve seen on Law & Order.

3. I understood that another friend at Vigor SEOrchaers would help my good friend out since we both come from a group of the most intelligent, knowledgeable, and hard-working SEO experts in the world. I was certain that Vigor would do just as terrific a job for my good friend as I could.

Sure I lost a few dollars however both my pal and I are ecstatic about dealing with them.

I highly recommend him for any businesses in NYC!

Ed Brancheau

Digital Marketer | Featured in Newsweek

Vigor SEOrchers is on the cutting edge of SEO and internet marketing. They know how to get sites ranked on page one. It amazes me that even though they’re successful, they take time to work with others in the industry and share knowledge to help those people be successful too. If you are not getting enough traffic from your website, Vigor SEOrchers is the agency for the job.
Yoshi Kasho

Business Growth Architect, Kasho Consulting

This is a solid group of experts to discuss SEO ideas with. They stay on top of industry changes & have grown exponentially over the last few years with many high caliber clients/companies.

David Hood

Owner, Amplified Business Consulting

It’s been a profitable and pleasant experience working with the people at Vigor SEOrchers. If you need a group that knows how to get the job done and is honest with you every step of the way, look no further. Real professionals, real results, out-of-box thinkers.
Mark Jones

Owner, Advance Web Marketing

After collaborating together for a year, I realized just how efficient and effective this SEO company is. If you’re confused about the online marketing landscape and need a company to clear the path for you, get in touch with Igor’s agency. They can get you highly ranked in Google for competitive search terms and keep you in the loop every step of the way. Thank you for paying attention to detail and executing as promised!

Tommy Hauer

Marketing Specialist | Google Partner

With all certainty, I can vouch for the precision and effectiveness of the agency Vigor SEOrchers. Our companies have partnered up in the past and have been impressed with their aptitude, knowledge and understanding of business itself. The way Igor directs and executes Search Engine Optimization campaigns is better than 85% of most Online Marketing companies out there. The bonus about Igor is he truly cares about his clients and their online success.
Rick Lin

Digital Marketing Consultant

The Vigor SEOrchers team has been instrumental in the success of clients we have referred them reaping with some amazing results being produced in a short period of time. Vigor SEOrchers is the secret weapon for any company lucky enough to hire them!
Iman Bahrani

Principal Owner, Searchical

Vigor seorchers knows exactly what they’re doing when it comes to solid SEO for businesses. They know how to lead strong web SEO, social marketing, web development and client Return on Investments. I use them for certain projects with our New York clients, who want a face-to-face consistency in business marketing. Our shared clients are happy with results, which means we’re happy with the work from Vigor Seorchers. Thanks guys!

Breej Raj

Dubai SEO Expert, Rista Group

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