Many important components comprise effective SEO strategies, one of which is backlinks. With a network of high-quality backlinks on authoritative websites leading back to yours, you can climb to the top of search results and get ahead of competitors.

At the same time, you might not know exactly how backlinks work or how to find and check them. In this guide, you’ll learn more about the importance of backlinks and how you can use them to your advantage when building your SEO strategy.


What Are Backlinks in SEO, and Why Are They Important?


Backlinks are links on websites that link to others. For instance, an industry-relevant blog might include links in individual blog posts that go to other websites within that industry.


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These links are important for SEO because of how Google perceives them. Good backlinks on websites with authority signal to Google that the linked website is reputable and worth ranking. They essentially count as “votes” from websites that make the linked site look better than less authoritative sites. The more of these links you have on sites that matter, the better you’ll look to search engines, potentially boosting your rankings.

Today, backlinks are among the top-ranking SEO factors, so you’ll want to use them whenever possible.


How Backlink Analysis Can Help


Now that you know more about the importance of backlinks and how they work, you might wonder how you can find and check them. One solution that can help with this is backlink analysis.


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With the help of backlink analysis, you can measure the quantity and quality of your website’s existing backlinks, including all links going back to your website from competitors, blogs, and other sites across the web.

The right backlink analytics tool will show you pertinent information about your backlinks, including the domain linking back to yours, the anchor text used for each link, and the quality of your links. They can also determine if your links are “follow” or “nofollow,” with “follow” links allowing search engines to assess them for ranking purposes.

The key is finding the right tool to help with backlink analysis.


Steps for Finding and Checking Backlinks


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Want to find and assess your website’s backlinks? The following are some specific steps and best practices to follow that can help with this process:


1. Choose a Good Backlink Checker


Before you can find any backlinks, you must use a backlink analytics tool that works for you. There are many options available today that can assist with backlink analytics, including:

  • Moz Pro: This is one of the first tools available to find and check and backlinks for websites, with many other SEO tools available on this platform.
  • Ahrefs: Another solution you could use is Ahrefs, which specializes in backlink checking while also offering other critical tools, including a keyword research feature.

A couple of other options you can implement include Semrush and Majestic SEO, but there is ultimately no shortage of backlink analytics tools available.


2. Make Sure Your Links Come from Reputable Websites


Once you’ve found the right backlink checker, you can begin finding and analyzing your backlinks. When you initially pull up a list of backlinks using your tool, you’ll want to ensure all or most of your links appear on trusted websites that are on Google’s good side.

A reliable backlink checker will indicate the authority of each website with a backlink. The higher the authority score, the better that website’s reputation. If you find any with a low score, you may want to try to get rid of those links.


3. Check the Anchor Text for Relevance


Another essential element to check with your backlinks is anchor text. This is the text included in the hyperlink that goes back to your website.

The anchor text for backlinks should include a keyword you want the linked page to target. Google will then associate this text with the linked site, potentially increasing your ranking for that particular keyword.

However, be careful when incorporating anchor text into your backlink strategy; Google doesn’t like it when pages target too many “exact match” keywords. For example, a clothing retailer might have too many links to “best shoes for sale,” which could function more as a red flag to Google than anything as it views it as spammy. Try to broaden your anchor text keywords, but keep them relevant and worth targeting.


4. Get Backlinks on Relevant Platforms


Backlinks shouldn’t appear just anywhere online that will link back to you. Instead, each backlink should be on a website that’s relevant to your industry.

There are plenty of places that are worth having backlinks, including blogs that cover the same topics you cover, competitor websites with authority, industry e-zines, relevant news publications, and other platforms.

Google generally favors websites when their backlinks appear on sites that are related to the linked site.


5. Keep Your Backlinks Diverse


It’s in your website’s best interest to get a wide range of backlinks across multiple websites than it is to have hundreds or even thousands on a single site.

Check to see how many links you have and measure them against the number of websites linking back to you. You want to ensure your backlink profile features a large number of reputable sites, each with maybe a couple of links at most.

The reason for this is that Google takes into account how far your website reaches with links, as having many links on only a handful of sites doesn’t necessarily speak to the quality of your website.


Get Help With Backlinking and More from Vigor Seorchers


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This basic guide to backlink analysis can point you in the right direction when assessing your link building efforts, but you must also ensure you have the time and resources to devote to this strategy to get the best results. If you need some assistance with link building and other SEO efforts, turn to the experts at Vigor Seorchers.

Simply reach out to us today to learn more about what we can do for your backlink strategy and other digital marketing strategies.

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