One way to boost conversions that some might overlook is high-quality graphic design. Visuals are critical for attracting and holding people’s attention. They’re also helpful in building brand recognition and trust among potential customers. To help you get the most from graphic design for your business, it’s important to understand the different types of graphic design and their purpose.


1. Advertising and Marketing Graphic Design


Businesses of all types rely on designs for advertising and marketing. A company’s marketing and advertising materials need to engage audiences and effectively communicate the brand’s message. Through strong visuals, these efforts will be more likely to succeed as people connect with images and video more than mere text.


Modern colorful flash sale marketing banners graphic design with dynamic shape


Designers may work with marketing teams and business leaders to develop visuals for use in all types of marketing and advertising media. Some examples include:

  • Banners, billboards, and posters
  • Flyers and postcards
  • Newspaper and magazine ads
  • Print and digital brochures
  • Menus
  • Digital ads, including social media and retargeting ads
  • Website and blog images


2. Web Design


web design custom or template theme


Web design is another type of graphic design to consider. It involves combining conventional composition principles with the latest in digital technology to create a website that’s appealing to visitors. Considering your website is your business’s online hub, good web design is essential to your online success. A visually compelling website that reinforces your brand will go a long way in driving more conversions.


3. Packaging Graphic Design


Two Businesswomen Discussing Different Packaging Graphic Design Ideas


Products require reliable packaging to protect them and allow for safe storage and transportation. In addition to high-quality packaging materials, packaging often needs unique and attractive designs that further help with marketing efforts. Packaging can appear physically unique, with shapes and visual elements that are unmistakable for another brand. When customers see this packaging, they may eventually come to instantly recognize it and associate it with their favorite brands.

In short, well-designed packaging can tell your brand’s story and help increase sales.


4. UI and Interactive Graphic Design


Another form of digital graphic design is user interface (UI) and interactive graphic design. This involves optimizing the way users interact with their devices and business applications. Your UI should always make it easy for audiences to navigate applications and enjoy a user-friendly experience.


Designer Drawing UI Graphic Design


While UI can apply to the physical interaction with a website or application, such as navigating with a mouse, UI graphic design refers to visual components. For example, an application with good UI design will have optimized menus, buttons, and other features that allow for a smooth user experience. UI and interactive design should ultimately blend functionality with visual appeal.


5. Publication and Typographic Design


This type of design entails developing and organizing visual media that is to appear in mass-produced publications, including newspapers, magazines, and books. This also includes digital publications, such as eZines. Designers in publication and typographic design will typically collaborate with publishers and editors. Together, designers and others will come up with specific layouts for publications, which will include designated visual elements. These elements may include typography, graphics, art, photography, and illustrations.


Sample of publication graphic design for business update


Publication and typographic design require plenty of organizational skills in addition to graphic design skills. The ideal outcome with these designs is a publication that’s aesthetically pleasing, highly readable, and generally engaging to audiences.


6. Motion Graphic Design


In some cases, businesses may also benefit from motion graphic design. This type of design involves creating graphics that bring designs to life through motion. Motion graphics may include everything from animation and video to audio and other types of effects. Motion graphics may appear in a variety of media, including TV, film, and online media. Motion graphics are now more popular than ever because of the engagement that video and animated content attract.


Hand creating a mock-up motiongraphic design for the website


Normally, motion graphic design starts with storyboards that designers create to base their graphics on, followed by bringing them into fruition in the form of video, animation, or other media. In addition to graphic design expertise, designers may need to possess other skills such as 3D modeling and coding, depending on the types of motion graphics a business needs to generate.

You can use motion graphics in all types of media, whether on or offline. Some examples include:

  • Websites
  • Ads
  • Video titles and end credits sequences
  • Trailers
  • Applications
  • Promotional videos
  • Animated logos
  • GIFs
  • Presentations


7. Brand Identity Graphic Design


Graphic design also must accurately reflect a brand and create a general identity that connects with audiences. Brand identity is crucial for associating a specific tone, emotion, idea, and experience with brands through aesthetics. This is why you need graphic design that establishes your brand identity across all marketing efforts. With the right designs, people will instantly recognize your brand and positively associate it with various emotions and experiences.


Graphic designer at work creating logo on screen


Brand identity graphic design will consist of logos, color schemes, typography, and other components that are most compatible with a brand. To ensure all branding is consistent and creates a central identity, it’s important to have a style guide for all designers and others to follow. Not only should this style guide help direct visual design, but it should also apply to messaging and other elements that need to remain consistent. Over time, as you expose more people to your brand, they’ll come to trust you and recognize you over competitors with a weaker identity.


Build Stronger Connections with Good Graphic Design


By implementing the different types of graphic design for your business, you’ll be able to stand apart from competitors and build a brand that people come to both know and trust. With the help of advertising and marketing, brand identity, packaging, UI, and other types of graphic designs, you can connect with audiences in every segment. This will also help increase conversions as you attract new customers and more effectively carry them along the customer journey.


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Graphic design is necessary for any business, but it may be difficult to go about it without sufficient resources. At Vigor Seorchers, we offer dependable graphic design services based on your brand’s unique needs. To learn more about our graphic design services and the many other marketing solutions we offer, get in touch with us today.

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