Managed WordPress Hosting…Because Your Website Deserves It

Your website means the world to you…and a WordPress site needs to be managed effectively. You can’t let just any hosting provider host your website. After all, your website is your primary marketing tool. It’s the ultimate revenue generator.

Unfortunately, it is not always as easy as creating a site and launching it with a web host. How do you pick who will host your site? You could go with the $3 a month option, but, you have to remember: you get what you pay for.

  • You need support
  • You need unlimited bandwidth
  • You need security

Without these things, you run the risk of your site falling apart, being too slow, or worse, being hacked!

You can’t risk any of these things. Otherwise, you lose your #1 marketing tool.

There’s a solution.

Managed WordPress Shared hosting gives you the benefits of a shared hosting provider with managed aspects to ensure your website is operating optimally at all times.

It has a number of benefits

  • Support from WordPress experts
  • Best overall security practices are in place
  • Add SSL certificate with ease (Security Sockets Layer)
  • Faster site with better performance
  • Fewer plugins are needed

Perhaps the most important benefit, however, is that managed WordPress hosting means that your site is actually being managed for you so that you can focus on managing your busines.

So, what is managed hosting anyway?




Managed WordPress hosting delivers powerful technologies to you. You have options when it comes to hosting. You can choose shared, managed, or dedicated.

Here’s a quick look at the 3 types of hosting

  • Shared:  Your site shares a server with others.
    • Pro: It’s affordable.
    • Con: It doesn’t add the maximum possible security.
  • Managed: Your site is isolated and is managed every step of the way.
    • Pro: It’s easy to use.
    • Con: You have to find the right provider.
  • Dedicated: Your site sits on a server by itself.
    • Pro: It’s customizable.
    • Con: It’s expensive.

Managed shared hosting is by far the most popular. While it’s not always the cheapest on the block, it’s well worth the money because it ensures that you have someone working behind the scenes to take good care of your WordPress site. This includes making updates to the templates and plugins, running security checks, and conducting backups.

Additionally, managed hosting delivers the support you need for other issues. WordPress can be complicated – and knowing that there’s a WP expert at your disposal is critical. You can get the answers needed to solve any issues you’re having, whether it’s trying to link your e-commerce, loading a template, or even adding a new plugin.

At Vigor SEOrchers, we’re here to offer you the managed WordPress shared hosting services you need. We’re not only providing you with managed services but also shared. It delivers the tech and security you need while also providing them to you at affordable rates.

Why You Would Want Managed WordPress Shared Hosting


There are a few reasons why you should choose this type of hosting.

Bandwidth: The more bandwidth you have, the greater level of performance you can expect. When it comes to your WordPress site, bandwidth will impact load speed of pages and how many users your site can accommodate at a time.

Premium support: there’s going to be times when a site goes down. By paying a little more, you can ensure that there’s support available to help you.

Small to medium-sized businesses will often choose to have managed hosting because of being able to get unlimited bandwidth and premium support. Additionally, high-traffic blogs and companies will look for this level of hosting because it ensures that they can support a large number of users.

Particularly when it comes to SEO, load time is critical. You don’t want site visitors getting so frustrated with your website that they are clicking the back button and heading to your competition.

Think about what you could do with a better website.


You can work on your SEO to generate more traffic. With an unlimited bandwidth, you could have hundreds or even thousands of site visitors at a time without worrying about load speed… or worse, your site crashing or getting hacked.

You could add more features and have WordPress support to get the job done. More features can mean better marketing tools, better website conversions, and so much more.

You could avoid having to hire IT personnel to watch over your server, too.

24/7 support ensures that your site is always up and running. If your site does go down, there’s managed support to identify the issue and resolve it ASAP.

You deserve to have a good website. Although your business may be looking for ways to save money, cheap hosting isn’t the way to go. Cheap hosting is only going to have a negative impact on your website. There is a big difference between cheap and affordable – and making that leap can be one of the best decisions that you make for your business.

Why Vigor SEOrchers?

Vigor seorchers logo



We get it, you have questions.

When it comes to WordPress hosting, you want to know that there’s support for your web design. Whether you choose us to design your site or not, we’ve used WordPress. We understand the various tactics that are used, the plugins that get the job done, and the code that goes into a good WordPress site.

We know your frustrations.

As a result, we can provide solutions to them.

Hosting your site should be more than making it go live. Explore the support you get with it – and that’s why you want to consider letting us provide you with the managed hosting that can make a difference.

We have several hosting plans that can work for you.

Get started with us today to see how managed shared WordPress hosting can help your business.

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