COVID-19 has certainly sent businesses for a loop. However, with a bit of planning, you can use this time to create a winning marketing strategy. There are still thousands of consumers who are financially comfortable – ensuring that they’re still buying and contributing to the economy.

When you’re in a financial position to participate in online marketing, there are plenty of ways for you to take advantage of various strategies.

The reality is that online sales are up across a variety of industries. This demonstrates that while people are self-isolating themselves, they’re turning to e-commerce as a way to do all of their shopping.

Update Your Online Presence

Now is the time to make some much-needed changes to your online presence. Especially if you’ve been slow, you can take this time to update your content on your website, social media, and even in your Google and other online directories.



Ensure that you have the same branding across all channels, including logo, font, and overall verbiage. Otherwise, you may be creating brand confusion that can have an impact on your conversion rates.

As you update your online presence, consider using an email marketing campaign to let people know what you’re up to during the pandemic. Communication is key during this time, and your customers want to hear from you. If your email list is low, add an email sign-up form on both your website and your Facebook business page.

Contribute to Your Content

Content across your website and social media platforms are critical as it helps with SEO, conversion, and establishing trust. When you create content, it’s important to consider who your target audience is. You need to think of their pain points and address them in the content you create. Most of the content should be speaking to your audience instead of being promotional.

If you’re at a loss for what you should be writing about, consider:

  • Asking your readers for advice
  • Interview someone
  • Talk about trends
  • Share what’s happening
  • Review a product

Remember, too, that content doesn’t have to always be in the form of a blog. Change it up by doing a Facebook Live video. Take a few pictures. Give people a tour of your location. Be different so that your content has a chance to stand out.

Content doesn’t have to be solely your responsibility, either. If writing isn’t your forte, you can take advantage of our blog services.

Embrace PPC Marketing Campaigns




PPC marketing during the pandemic can be a great opportunity for you. Many businesses have stopped marketing because they’re fearful of what’s going to happen next. If you’re capable of continuing to market, it’s in your best interest because you have less competition for all of the top keywords.

PPC marketing can be done to help you stand out on Google searches, appear in more Facebook timelines, and more. It’s your chance to get a message out and drive more traffic to your website, generate more leads, and increase your revenue.

Even though there’s a pandemic going on, people are still shopping. You simply have to take a different approach to your marketing. Let people know how things have changed. How are you offering social distancing? Are you offering virtual services? When you let people know that it’s safe to do business with you, it can be the ultimate way to gain new customers.

Strategize Your New Marketing Plan

Business may be slow, but the world is still moving forward. People are buying online. There are lines outside of home improvement stores as people look to stay busy inside of their homes. People are online now more than ever. Emails are being opened. People are engaging on social media. This is your time to be marketing because eyes are open and (many) wallets are opening.

What is your goal? Your marketing goal will determine how you approach your plan. Are you looking for more leads? Educating your audience about a new product or service? Increasing revenue? Whatever it is, you can be sure that you achieve your goals with a marketing plan (and we can help, too).



You may want to consider social media marketing as it’s an easy way to get in front of your audience. If you already have a Facebook page, you’re doing good. If you’re not there yet, take a few minutes to create one. Add your logo, write a two-sentence summary of your business, and schedule a few posts to appear over the next few days.

Once you have a Facebook page in place, consider other platforms you may want to be on – Instagram, Twitter, or even LinkedIn.

Identify a schedule that works for you in terms of how frequently you’re going to post on social media.

Where do you need help? Whether you need help with creating content, search engine optimizing your website, or even running PPC campaigns, it’s possible to get marketing consultants to organize your strategy and take control of various areas of your marketing. It can help you to broaden your reach and improve your ROI.

Re-Think your Approach in the Pandemic

It might be time to re-think your approach during the pandemic. Many businesses are changing the way that they interact with customers. They’re changing the way that they operate in order to ease customer fears. If your business model doesn’t work because of social distancing and self-isolation, what can you do differently?



As soon as you figure out what you can do, make those changes. It can be the difference between staying relevant and having to close your doors. Your customers need to know about all of your changes, too. Use email, PPC, social media, and other marketing tools to talk to your audience about what you’re doing and how they can continue to benefit from all that you do.

This is your chance to explore marketing strategies with the help of our marketing strategists today. Fill out our marketing discovery form and learn more about the services that we offer at Vigor Seorchers today.

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