Google Local Services Ads are an excellent option for businesses that meet the requirements. The service only fully supports certain professions in certain markets. The businesses that are covered include realtors, locksmiths, tutors, HVAC services and other contractors that need to do their work onsite. Markets include most major metro areas and their suburbs and are continually expanding. You’ll also need to pass a background check and provide proof of licensing and insurance. This makes setting up your Local Services Ad account more complicated, but gives potential leads a higher level of trust in your company once you pass these verifications.

You’ll only be charged for leads, when a potential customer actually reaches out to contact you. This makes budgeting considerations different from those in a pay per click (PPC) campaign. For best results, you’ll need to rank in the top three local results, or the top two for mobile searches. Ranking for Local Services Ads relies heavily on customer reviews and your proximity to potential customers. Unless you’re planning to move to a new office location soon, you won’t have much control over the proximity factor. If you are planning or moving or expanding, you might want to consider adding an office in a town with a high concentration of potential customers. However, since changing locations will usually be outside the scope of your Local Services Ad campaign, your priorities should be responsiveness and good customer service. Take these six steps to bring in more leads with your Google Local Services Ads.


1. Write a detailed business profile.


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Unlike regular Google Ads, Local Service Ads aren’t ranked based on the ad quality or you’re targeting of specific keywords. Google will match your profile to searches from potential leads based on whether the service you provide fits with the search query. This means that if you’re an HVAC contractor, you should get Local Service Ad leads from people who search for “HVAC contractor” as well as those who search for “air conditioning not working.” Fill out your business profile completely and accurately, so Google can make those connections. Detail all the services you provide and the ZIP codes you cover to connect with as many leads as possible. When Local Services Ads pop up, Google will generate the ad based on the information in your profile, so consider your profile details to be the foundation for that ad copy.


2. Respond to customers promptly.


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Google prefers businesses with longer hours, so consider extending your hours if possible. However, responsiveness is also an important factor, so make sure to set realistic expectations in your profile. Answering the phone during your listed business hours is just as significant as expanding that timeframe. Don’t indicate 24/7 availability if someone won’t be able to answer the phone overnight. Because response time is such an important factor for local ads, you might want to consider a solution like a third-party answering service. This lets you connect with leads with a late-night problem immediately, without needing to staff your office at all hours.


3. Sync with your Google My Business profile.


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Connecting your Local Service Ads and your Google My Business profile allows you to take advantage of existing customer reviews and keep your local SEO efforts consistent. If you already have a good number of reviews in your regular business profile, you’ll be able to benefit from those reviews while your Local Services profile is new. Connecting to an established profile adds credibility as well.


4. Consider your budget and bidding strategy.


Because you pay per lead for Local Services Ads, your budget directly impacts the number of leads you generate. If you want to prioritize your Local Services Ads advertising, maximize your budget to get as many leads as possible. You’ll set a monthly budget, which Google will distribute roughly equally over each week. Plan to budget for at least 10 leads per week, though this number might increase depending on the volume of customers you’re looking for and the number of people in your area.


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Google allows you to set your preferences to either the maximum amount you’d pay for a single lead or to generate as many leads as possible. Usually, maximizing leads is the best strategy. You’ll get more leads, which should ideally bring more satisfied customers and more positive reviews, while making the most of your budget. However, there may be some situations where you’d choose to bid a higher amount for individual leads. For example, if there’s a specific competitor that you’re trying to outrank, you might try to outbid them to bring in more leads. You might also try this if you’ve been using Local Services Ads for a while and your lead generation is slowing down.


5. Ask for reviews.


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Both the number and quality of reviews are important to your Local Services Ads ranking. If a customer contacted you through your Google profile, you’ll be able to request a review directly through your leads page. When you do this, write a personalized follow-up message thanking the customer for their business, asking if they have any additional concerns you can address and requesting that they write you a review. Following up with customers directly like this will help encourage the reviews you need to improve your ranking.


6. Remember the basics.


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As with other local SEO efforts, Local Services Ads are directing leads toward an in-person experience. This makes the relationship-building element different from a purely digital transaction. Potential customers are searching for a contractor or other professional to provide an in-person service, often in their home. This makes doing great work and giving great customer service even more essential than usual. Prioritizing customer satisfaction will help you get the positive reviews you need to improve your Local Services Ads ranking and bring in more leads.


Bottom Line


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Working with an SEO expert can help you get the best results from your Google Local Services Ads and other advertising tactics. Contact Vigor Seorchers today to discuss how we can improve your Local Services Ad ranking.

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