When working with an SEO company, clients often have high expectations of the agency and its work, but clients need to do their part to get the results they want. While an agency can help boost rankings and generate more traffic for a business, the business needs to be able to translate those results into profits. SEO is, in the end, a team effort requiring the diligence of both the SEO experts and the business, which can maximize ROI and allow for consistent results.

In partnering with an SEO agency, there are some ways to be a consistently good client and experience satisfaction with the results of your campaigns.


Don’t Expect Instant Results


Many SEO clients mistakenly believe that it shouldn’t take longer than a few weeks or months to see results. It doesn’t help that many SEO companies tend to overpromise from the start, setting unrealistic expectations. However, the fact is that good results can take some time to achieve. Patience is a vital virtue when it comes to SEO, as results can take over a year to see in some cases, especially when trying to rank for highly competitive keywords and topics. There is a lot that goes into SEO, from content creation and curation to building a large network of high-quality backlinks, all of which can take some time.




The amount of time it takes to see results will also depend on the progress that your business has already made. Companies will jump into SEO at different starting points, which can factor into the time it takes to see results. For example, if your website has a lot of content and has achieved rankings on page one for certain terms, you may not need to wait as long to reach the top for certain keywords. Keep in mind that sticking to a strategy is also key, as dropping out or making drastic changes too soon out of disappointment can only make it harder to regain the traction you built.


Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions


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If you’re new to SEO and many of the concepts behind it, along with the overall strategy that your agency discusses, you likely have plenty of questions. You should never feel in the dark about your SEO strategies and the work that your agency is doing. Asking your agency certain questions about SEO can help you learn more, which can help you better understand how your campaigns are working. As you become more educated about SEO concepts and strategies, you’ll also be able to make more key decisions around your campaigns. In turn, you’ll be able to more effectively work with your agency to develop strategies that are right for you.


Review and Approve Content Regularly




One huge aspect of successful SEO strategies is timely implementation. You can have all of the best content created and optimized, but if it sits ignored and unused for too long, you won’t be able to get the results you want. Once SEO teams submit content for your approval, have a system in place to consistently review content and either approve it or request changes as necessary. You’ve likely heard of the old adage “a rolling stone gathers no moss,” which applies heavily to SEO. Regular review and approval can keep you ahead of competitors and ensure your campaigns don’t stagnate.


Take Steps to Turn SEO Leads into Customers


Getting high rankings and a surge of organic traffic can be exciting, but you need to make these results worthwhile. If your website features a confusing or broken user experience (UX) design or your sales team is unable to successfully handle the influx of leads, you’ll turn just as many people away. Depending on the type of business you own, you need to make sure everything is in place to facilitate sales.




For example, if you run an online store, you need to test your checkout system to confirm that it works properly and makes completing a purchase simple and efficient. Web design should also be generally appealing and feature adequate navigability. If you want people to contact sales representatives, you not only need to make sure contact forms are easy to complete and that your phone number is visible, but you also need to ensure you have enough sales staff and other resources to help convert leads into customers. With the right implementation, you’ll be able to maximize the ROI of your SEO efforts, which can enable you to spend more on them for even better results as you grow.


Provide Honest and Timely Feedback


Approving and incorporating high-quality SEO content is crucial for success, but your SEO agency also wants to know whether they’re meeting your expectations. A good SEO marketing agency will do the best they can to integrate a custom-tailored strategy that works for you, and will want to know if there’s room for improvement. While your agency should take steps to monitor for any potential problems with your campaigns’ performance, there may be certain elements that even the most diligent professionals could overlook.


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If you notice any issues with your campaigns, including sudden decreases in rankings or traffic for certain pages, broken backlinks, or other alarming problems, notify your agency. This will help make sure these problems are resolved efficiently and quickly enough to keep them from compounding. The last thing you want is for a small technical issue to hold your campaigns back and cause you to lose the momentum you and your SEO team have worked so hard to gain.


Work with a Reliable SEO Agency with Your Best Interests in Mind


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Looking for the ideal SEO agency to help you develop and maintain the perfect SEO strategy for your business? It’s important to choose an agency that can create campaigns based on your business’s specific needs. To find out how the experts at Vigor Seorchers can help you meet your business goals, contact us today to discuss your marketing needs. We can work with you to provide a unique solution that helps achieve the best possible long-term results, with professionals who truly care about your success.

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