Artificial intelligence (AI) has come a long way in its development, with the ultimate benefit being the ability to streamline all types of tasks, saving us a lot of time and money. One of the many applicable areas of AI is social media marketing, as you can use this technology to automate posting and audience engagement to simplify your social media strategy.

However, despite the many benefits that come with AI tech, there are certain potential cons to keep in mind before you implement AI for social media. Let’s break down the benefits and disadvantages of using AI to automate social media marketing activities.


Pros of Using AI for Social Media Marketing


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If you’re considering integrating AI into your social media marketing campaigns, the following are some compelling reasons for doing so:


Better Personalization


With the help of AI, you can get your content in front of your target audiences more effectively. AI can look closely at users’ interests and activity to push content recommendations that make the most sense. As a result, the people who see your content will be the most likely to engage with it on the platforms you use.


Saved Time and Energy


When it comes to content generation, AI can simplify things tremendously. You can use AI content generation tools to develop high-quality and relevant posts in large volumes while saving you plenty of time and effort in the process.

Of course, you can still have a human hand in guiding the direction of your content, but you’ll no longer need to manually draft every post according to schedule.


Saved Money


Ordinarily, you might want to hire a social media marketing expert or strategist to help you manage your social media accounts and posts. However, with AI tools, you can bypass the hiring process and simplify management with ease. Simply purchase a tool with a one-time or subscription-based fee, and create as much content as you want or optimize your campaigns without the need for a new hire.

At the same time, you reduce the risk of human error in content creation and other areas.


Improved Data Analysis


Using AI analytics solutions, you can more effectively collect and understand data from social media campaigns. Learn more about how people engage with your posts and glean real insights from this data, which can then help you optimize your campaigns to continually perfect them.

As you fine-tune your marketing efforts, you’ll be able to determine what kinds of content and messaging resonate most with your target audiences. In turn, you’ll save even more time, effort, and money on your campaigns.


Increased Productivity


By automating social media tasks using the right AI solutions, you can also automate all types of processes to maximize productivity. By simplifying some of the more menial social media management tasks, management teams can direct their attention to more urgent matters. For instance, AI tools could help with audience targeting, post generation and scheduling, and bidding, which would free up social media managers to focus on strategizing for future campaigns.


Better Customer Experience


Using AI chatbots and virtual assistants on social media platforms will provide people with personalized and helpful responses without the need for human customer service reps. These automated tools will also provide faster responses to keep customers engaged and ensure they don’t drop off after making a request.


Cons of Social Media AI Automation

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Although AI offers plenty of benefits that make it ideal for use in many applications, there are some potential downsides to this technology. These cons could include:


Potential Bias


AI could wind up pushing certain biases based on either its own inherent bias or that of social media users. In the process, AI could wind up insulating users in their own respective bubbles or pushing potentially harmful perceptions and content in users’ directions. Thankfully, engineers acknowledge these risks and are working to mitigate bias to give users a fair and well-balanced experience amid AI integration.


Privacy Risks


Like other areas of technology, AI is subject to potential privacy concerns. It’s possible that some AI solutions might use people’s personal data to inform their content and, in the process, violate users’ privacy. Engineers can help ensure that AI tools don’t compromise privacy in favor of automating content generation and optimization.


Removing People from the Equation


One of the biggest concerns around AI automation is the elimination of human content design, blogging, and other functions. While businesses can benefit from the use of more cost-effective AI tools to assist with social media management, it could come at the cost of professionals who specialize in these areas.

Ideally, AI tools would supplement the hard work of others and automate simple tasks. For example, a content creation expert could create initial templates for social media posts and visual elements, enabling AI to use these templates as the basis for automated content.


Manipulation of Algorithms


Malicious parties might be able to gear algorithms to their own advantage. An example of this could include a specific group of people who begin searching for a particular term on social media platforms or viewing specific types of content en masse, causing a trending topic to come to the forefront. AI could interpret this trend as a cause to push certain posts pertaining to that topic, even when it’s not actually appealing to the majority of users. Subsequently, content that people are actually interested in goes to the wayside in favor of content covering false trends.

People could also trick algorithms into pushing content that’s harmful and offensive in an effort to radicalize, rile up, or demoralize audiences.


Poor Reception


If you use AI to generate social media content, you’ll want to be extra careful. If your content doesn’t sound human, people could be quick to call it out as AI-generated and dismiss it entirely. Social media users are better at identifying AI-generated copy than images, meaning they will look for any content that sounds too robotic, organized, or even nonsensical.

Make sure any content you develop with the help of AI sounds like someone wrote it and comes from a place of genuine creativity.


Using Social Media AI Tools the Right Way


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AI can be an invaluable asset to help automate your social media marketing strategy. At the same time, there are some potential issues that can make AI a hindrance more than a help, depending on your approach.

If you want to get the most from your social media campaigns and properly implement AI solutions along the way, turn to the experts at Vigor Seorchers. We’ll boost your digital marketing efforts with solutions ranging from social marketing to SEO to develop the perfect digital marketing strategy for your business.

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