In an increasingly competitive environment, it’s important for brands to be able to stand out through effective brand positioning. Without taking the right approach to branding, you’re likely to fall behind and get lost in the mix of competitors in your industry.

To help you differentiate your brand, the following are some of the specific steps you can take that will position your brand above the rest.


Build Unique Buyer Personas


One of the first steps to take to position your brand is to gain a deep understanding of your audience. You can achieve this by developing specific buyer personas that apply to each customer type.


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Buyer personas are essentially profiles of each type of audience segment you want to target. Each persona will have its own wants and needs along with an individual lifestyle.

You can develop different buyer personas by segmenting your audience into different groups of people. For instance, one segment might include single parents while another includes young college students. All types of demographics and psychographics can influence your personas, including age, gender, occupation, income level, lifestyle, and buyer behavior. The persona would be a fictional character who represents each segment.

Based on each persona you create, you can craft marketing and advertising materials around every audience segment. Doing so would ensure that your brand speaks directly to each member of your audience, helping you stand apart from brands with broader targeting.


Identify and Follow Your Competitors


In addition to your audience, you should know your competitors well to determine what they’re doing right and wrong, which can influence your strategies.


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Take some time to identify your competitors and analyze them. Find out what kinds of results they’re getting with their branding efforts and take cues from what’s working. While you don’t want to copy your competitors, you can figure out what type of campaigns they’re using and adopt the same model for a unique brand experience for your business.

Following your competitors may also help you identify specific gaps in the market that you can fill with your branding and offerings.


Establish Your Value Propositions


Early on when people interact with your brand, they should know what type of value you bring to them. You can begin by learning about what your audiences find unique about your brand. Based on this data, you’ll be able to clearly establish a value proposition that truly separates you from similar competitors.


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For example, you might offer more opportunities for discounts and other perks with each purchase that help your customers save more money. You may also incorporate a uniquely streamlined website design or mobile app experience that saves time and energy when people look for the right products.

By pointing out what differentiates you from competitors in your industry, you can bring more people on board more effectively.


Keep Your Brand Experience Consistent


One key element that lends credibility and recognizability to a brand is consistency. Your brand should be consistent across the board, from the initial interaction people have with it to the time they make a purchase.


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Consistency helps establish a defined brand identity that people come to know and trust. When people first encounter your brand through a pay-per-click ad or another source, ensure the visuals and messaging in that ad carry over to the rest of the brand experience. On your website, keep your content consistent in its voice and overall design. The ads appearing on other websites should also have the same messaging and imagery.

One way to help your brand stand out is to design a strong logo. This logo should be the same both online and offline and help your brand stand out. It can also complement the rest of your branding efforts with the right design.

Although consistency is important, businesses can change over time, in which case they may want to engage in a rebrand. However, to avoid disrupting the brand experience that people have enjoyed in the past, you should prepare your rebrand well beforehand. You can start by promoting your rebrand and letting people know what kinds of changes they can expect to see. You should then roll out your rebrand all at once and leave no previous element ignored. This will help maintain a continuous brand experience as your company evolves and changes.


Develop High-Quality Content


It’s easy to create a lot of content that people can consume, but it’s more effective to produce high-quality content that truly sets you apart.

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All types of content you create should differentiate you by providing consistent value to your audiences. From content on your website and blog posts to social media posts and video content, you should focus on generating top-quality content on every platform. Taking this step will establish you as an industry authority and place you much higher than brands focusing on quantity over quality.

Keep in mind that high-quality content isn’t only good for appealing to audiences—it can help with search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines like Google prioritize content that truly engages users over content that doesn’t. As a result, producing superior content will help position your brand in search results.

With so many brands vying for people’s attention, fresh content that brings real value will show that you care about offering a uniquely appealing brand experience.


Get Help with Your Brand Positioning Efforts from Experts You Can Trust


When you differentiate your brand among audiences, you’re much more likely to get the results you want from your branding efforts. You’ll have the chance to stand apart and connect with customers by building buyer personas, learning about the competition, articulating the value you bring, maintaining consistency, and producing great content that people love. Taking these and other steps will ensure you don’t fall behind more diligent competitors.


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However, you might also not have the time or resources to devote to solid branding efforts. Instead, you may be focused on growing your business and satisfying your existing customers. If you need some assistance with your branding strategy, the experts at Vigor Seorchers are here to help. Get in touch with us today to discover what we can do for your brand through our comprehensive marketing services.

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