A perfect logo is a visual shorthand to your business. A simple picture can speak volumes, as it communicates the strength and certainty behind your brand.

Your logo should be made to last. It should be a picture that’s easy to remember, as you want your customers to instantly recall it upon sight. Check out these best practices to making the perfect logo for your business:

Use Colors to Catch your Customer’s Eye

The best colors to catch your customer’s eye are bold and evocative. Go for bright, memorable colors that are instantly associated with your type of service or product.

Consider the effect that your chosen color might have on your audience. Red is a powerful color, psychological shown to increase hunger… and sales. Red has been used by humans for a long time, and so we notice it more quickly than other colors.

Blue is another powerful color: associated with the sky, the ocean, and trustworthiness. Blue is often around us, and so a logo that contains blue falls into a natural extension of our awareness. Blue is often the most effective when paired or grouped with other colors, particularly colors that offset it, such as orange or yellow.

Green can be used for a variety of different intents. A financial institution might choose green because of its connotation with money and fiscal health. A health-food brand might choose green because of its connotation with “green” products and wellness. Green is pleasing and lends a feeling of comfort to the observer.

Other colors can also be used effectively in a logo, such as pink or yellow. Black is another great color to utilize to make a logo stand out from its background, and it may be used in conjunction with other colors for a bold look.

Consider the Local Connotations of the Colors in Your Logo

What works well in one locality might not be as effective in another. Certain colors are associated with certain sports teams in certain regions and thus evoke automatic feelings of trust. If your local culture is steeped in sports loyalty, then you might want to play off this theme when applicable to your business; you’ll create an automatic feeling of “buy-in” for your logo.

Keep in mind that marketing and branding go hand-in-hand when promoting your business. If you can unite branding and marketing in your logo, you’ll be more likely to achieve customer loyalty. The colors used for local sports teams already have a loyal following, and you could become a part of the local brand. (Just remember not to use a sports team’s trademark. But the team colors are fair game!)

On a more global or international scale, consider the colors you choose based on their local meaning. A color you love might be considered “bad luck” or might have negative connotations in certain regions around the world. Check with local citizens “in the know” to determine the appropriateness of your logo color choice.

Don’t Use Too Many Colors

Graphic designer at work with color swatch samples creating logo on computer screen

Graphic designer at work. Color swatch samples.

The art of sophisticated graphic design calls for a light touch in the color palette. Too many colors in your logo will leave your customers unsettled and will immediately detract from your trustworthiness as a business.

Customers want to feel that your business has things under control, and an excess of colors will make customers feel like you’re reaching in too many directions. If you can, stick to a maximum of two colors in your logo – one color to provide the main “theme” and another as the accent color.

Monochromatic logos can also be very effective when done well.

Consider How Your Logo Will Look Online

We live in the digital age, and your logo must “pop” on the screen. Your logo will likely be in the address bar of your website, and it will also be appearing next to your brand, at the header and at the footer of the page.

Your logo should “pop” against a variety of colors – including a white background since it will likely appear over a white background while on the screen.

Remember that your website design should be an important part of your business strategy, and your logo is an important part of your website design. Your logo helps your customers and/or clients to feel “rooted” in a sense of place online. It can be used to direct your website viewers’ attention to important text, such as the name of your business.

Consider Elements of Your Logo That May Benefit from 3-D Design

In order to make an “eye-catchy” design, your logo has to stand out. Depending on your design, your logo might benefit from three-dimensional elements. For some designs, the best move might be to make the entire logo three-dimensional.

A three-dimensional design automatically communicates sophistication and technical know-how. If your business revolves around technology, a three-dimensional design can instantly communicate that your business is savvy about technology. 

You might also choose to highlight certain pieces of your logo with a three-dimensional element. A three-dimensional element can give life to something on the page – a lightning bolt or whizzing ball, for example. Three dimensions communicate that things are in motion – and that your business is making things happen.

Drive the Eye from Left to Right

Some of the best logos of all time make use of motion to drive the design. The Nike Swish, for example, automatically hooks the eyes from left to right. The FedEx design uses two colors to push the customer’s eye toward the other side.

Some logos portray things that are literally in motion – for example, the awe-inspiring logo for Jaguar automobiles features a massive jaguar leaping upwards – suspended in time during an airborne moment.

Motion in your logo can keep the sales rolling in.

Consider using a Letter in Your Logo

Some of the evoke best logos that became icons utilize the name of the brand through signature letters. The luxury brand Chanel features the two interlocking Cs, and the world-famous McDonald’s utilizes its first letter as the golden arch.

A letter in your logo can help with name recognition – sparking customers to remember the name of your business.

If you’re looking for help with your logo and graphic design, look no further than Vigor Seorchers. Our talented staff of graphic designers will make you a memorable logo that will keep your business in plain sight.

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