SEO is a discipline that takes time to produce satisfying results. In the following text, we’ve listed 10 possible reasons why your SEO isn’t working. Consider each of these if you’re thinking that you’re not doing something right. If you haven’t started yet, these are the guidelines for what to avoid when starting SEO. And, remember, SEO has real value only if it’s working properly.


#1 You have unrealistic expectations


SEO is not a magical strategy, but it’s a valuable tool that is becoming necessary to use. Like any other digital marketing discipline, SEO must be carefully planned and projected. Furthermore, you should search for industry data, competitor research, and keyword data to get a picture of what the SEO potential might look like.


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Realistic expectations are very important when starting with SEO. You can’t put in 10-15 minutes a day and expect to see any results. The more time and effort you can put into SEO, the better results will be. If you’re going to pursue SEO, you must be fully committed to it.


#2 You’re working with the wrong person or agency


Woman working in digital marketing and SEO

Maybe you’ll want to hire a new SEO expert, or agency specialized in that field


If you’re paying too much for SEO, inbound traffic results may not be able to secure a positive return for your campaign. Each company needs to think about the value of return on investment (ROI) as their priority. So, think carefully about your investment decisions. For some companies, hiring an agency specialized in digital marketing and SEO is the best solution. Others may hire a full-time expert or few freelancers with the required skill sets and experience. If your current plan isn’t working and the results aren’t improving, then find other solutions to execute your campaign – change the person or the agency you’re working with.


#3 You don’t have valuable content

content is king with different types of platforms written

These types of content are considered as high-quality and valuable content:

  • Original, plagiarism-free
  • Free of any grammatical errors
  • Well researched
  • Carefully written
  • Interesting and helpful

If your content lacks any of these – whether if it’s unoriginal, hastily researched, poorly written, or uninteresting that can be one of the reasons why your SEO isn’t working. Writing blogs regularly isn’t enough. You need to offer something valuable to your audience each time.


#4 You don’t post strategic blogs


One can blog all day every day and see no SEO benefit. Publishing a monthly blog is crucial to your SEO, but your blogs must be strategic. Each post should speak to a current gap in searched content. Avoid publishing basic blogs about topics that have already been widely discussed online. If you want to rank well on Google, do thorough research and find the niche topics that your target audience is really interested in. Focus on that and be as specific as you can in all your blogs.


#5 You undervalue the importance of social media


Social media manager

Keep in mind that the majority of people prefer to interact with a brand through social media.


Social media channels can significantly contribute to the success of your SEO campaign. Social media is one of the top ways that people want to interact with your brand. If you want to attract sales from social media campaigns and have the top Google result, make sure you are regularly posting on your accounts. Do it at least 3 times a week. Respond to any comments promptly, especially customer service inquiries. Ensure your contact information is updated and consistent on each of your social media profiles. Also, you should make it super easy for customers to contact you in case that they have any questions, compliments, remarks, or concerns.


#6 Your priorities are wrong


There are many priorities for each SEO campaign, from ensuring onsite optimization and producing regular content to building inbound links and engaging in social media. Don’t spend too much time on a low-priority segment of your SEO strategy, such as posting news updates on social media platforms few times a day. Instead, ensure you have enough time for high-priority segments, such as establishing relationships with relevant publishers in your niche. If your priorities are wrong, your results will suffer.


#7 You have no backlinks

link building for SEO with strategists linking website to other site


For your SEO to work, other reputable websites should link to your site on their blog or in other website content. Engaging in such strategy can help you handle sudden drops in ranking with success. An article you wrote should be referenced with a link on other relevant websites. It’s also important to encourage your loyal customers to share a link to your business on various forums and recommend your products and services. These are the most important ways to earn backlinks and that’s something extremely important for your SEO. Backlinks signal to Google that other websites trust your site since they decided to send traffic to it. They also signal that you are producing quality and valuable content.


#8 You have low conversion rates


Conversion rates can prevent a visitor from becoming a customer. You may get thousands of visitors from search engine results pages, but if your conversion rates are poor, that traffic won’t lead to meaningful revenue. That’s why you need to optimize your website for conversions. Always have compelling content, simple and visible calls to action, and trust signals.


#9 Your website isn’t mobile-friendly


There is no excuse for your website not to be responsive and mobile-friendly. A mobile responsive version of your website is necessary if you want to succeed in SEO and keep your audience. If you want to improve your mobile site speed, local SEO efforts can be of help. When your audience is unable to access your website on their mobile devices,  you’ll miss out on significant traffic. If your mobile site is too slow, that can also be one of the possible reasons why your SEO isn’t working.


#10 You have no video strategy


Woman thinking about video production

If you don’t include videos in your content, that can be one of the reasons why your SEO isn’t working


If you’re serious about improving your website’s SEO, you need to think about a video strategy and video marketing right away. Nowadays, many available affordable tools can help you make an original video for your website, with just a little time and effort. As any good SEO tactic includes quality content, it also includes valuable videos. Many people prefer video content to written content, so think about that audience also. If you really don’t like the idea of including videos in your posts, at least include one solid homepage video to greet your customers.

Final words

These were only 10 possible reasons why your SEO isn’t working, but there may be others also. Consult with your team and consider which things you’ll need to correct or resolve. There’s no secret formula for SEO success. One is sure – as you constantly improve, you’ll get closer to your goals.

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