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A brighter, bolder, modern, and organized redesign.

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A seasoned New York City based printing company founded in 1979. 

Superior Resource Printing & Graphics inc specializes in all aspects, sizes and types of print communication.

Persistently ensuring client projects receive personal attention and dedicated service from the first phone call to the finished project.

Always delivered timely, with top quality.

They also cater to corporate print jobs.


Old Design


NEW Design



As a long-time SEO marketing client of Vigor Seorchers, this successful 40-year-old printing company (based in New York City) understood that its time to evolve after our consulting on the matter.

It was time for an overhaul

The old website lacked the ability to engage visitors due to its outdated designs and basic technical functions.

Vigor Seorchers and the client recognized a ton of disconnects and clear opportunities to implement impactful changes.

This old website just did not do the brand justice because Superior Resource Printing is a brand who’s services and products far outshine its old digital face.

Proposed Solutions


Redesigning and developing everything from the ground up.


Organizing content in a more intelligent and easily consumable way (the old website was an unorganized mess)


Crafting designs with a contemporary impact, bolder ideas, brighter tones, and colorful blocks to envoke printing concepts and align with brand culture.


Adding stronger call-to-action buttons and forms in key sections to increase conversions by enticing visitors to take immediate action.


Segmenting important service pages with their own URLs and call to actions.


Crafting a monthly blog in addition to integrating a blog subscription email notification function.


Setting up a global form for lead capture which allowed visitors to easily upload print graphic files.


Optimizing all pages for SEO.


On-going website maintenance.


Integrating call and form tracking software to monitor incoming leads.


Integrating SEO tools suite.

Old Portfolio

One example of the need for their facelift was their old portfolio page. It told visitors absolutely nothing about their executed projects and success stories. All it showed was images of projects. This was a big missed opportunity to connect with visitors and tell a story.


NEW Portfolio 

We decided to ask the client for textual content and more images to support a narrative for each project. We then organized the content and layout with serious thought and gave each project its own page to maintain its own dignity. With the clients participation, we chose a handful of their favorite recent projects and displayed them beautifully.


Final Result

In February 2020, we launched our clients’ new website after completely re-imagining EVERYTHING.

We redesigned and redeveloped everything to be up to date. With our consulting and the clients’ preferences, we delivered this project with vigor.

The end result is a bolder, more vibrant, colorful, organized, and intuitive website with a better call-to-action flow that generates more leads.

We completed the entire project within 4 weeks.


From Client

“I’m getting a lot of compliments on our site from customers, and from my peers as well.”

“Pat yourselves on the back.” 

Jim Ewing

Founder, Superior Resource Printing & Graphics inc.

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  • On-going hosting and website support/maintenance.

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