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A custom-coded dive into a professional and sharp design.

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SOFR Academy empowers people with the knowledge and skills required to successfully transition away from LIBOR.

Global regulators have communicated that organizations should expect that the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) is unusable or unavailable by the end of 2021. It is a matter of how LIBOR will end rather than if it will end. Education is vital to ensure an orderly and broad-based transition. Former United States Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen commented on SOFR Academy, “This is an important project and much needed.”



Right after SOFR Academy was born; we entered the delivery room.

This new first-to-market business needed a top-notch custom-coded WordPress website to be built from scratch to effectively convey its vision to its target audience in a highly professional, clean, intuitive, and impactful manner.

After financial regulators announced an eventual mandatory rate transition from LIBOR to SOFR, the founder reactively formed SOFR Academy – so it was clear we needed to get the website up and running as soon as possible.


Proposed Solutions


Purchasing the .com domain


Setting up a temporary public "squeeze" page for visitors to enter emails and auto-notifying them when the new website launches. We connected it to MailChimp.


Having us start by creating a custom logo that is simple and professional so that it sticks in people's minds.


Designing off of our newly crafted logo in terms of colors, font, and aesthetic as a springboard that will dictate website colors and font (even overall website feel must align with logo).


Using WordPress CMS and developing with Custom-Code.


Developing custom live and dynamic market data feed for official SOFR rate.


Setting up learning course modules and functionalities.


Crafting a blog index and design/function as a custom-coded "insights" page.


Setting up a form for lead capture in addition to email notification.


Designing and developing with conversion optimization in mind.


Consulting on selecting ShutterStock licensed images throughout the website.


Integrating SEO tools suite.


Fully integrated server hosting solutions with monthly performance reporting.


On-going website maintenance.


During website development, we decided to begin engaging and educating visitors on the purpose of the company and how they can benefit from utilizing our clients' services, we pushed to create a professional spokesperson video with a vetted actor.

We ensured the voice and appearance were ultra-professional to align with brand culture.

We chose an outfit.

We asked for a client-provided script.

We then selected a clean corporate background.

Pre-Launch Squeeze Page

The video was added to the temporary squeeze page before website launch to collect new customer information.




insights of a new niche

Custom-coded styling and functions required meticulous work to create an industry professional look.


Final Result

In March 2020, we launched our clients’ brand new custom-coded WordPress website.

Within only 8-10 weeks, we successfully executed on all of our proposed solutions.

After countless meticulous working hours, emails, phone calls, meetings, edits, and revisions, the outcome delivered a unique, cutting-edge, professional, informative, and engaging website.

There is no other website currently on the market with the sole purpose of offering high-quality SOFR to LIBOR transition education for financial organizations – especially one as sharp as this one.

We were first on the scene in birthing a market significant website–positioning them as an authoritative resource–to what will most likely turn into one of the fastest-growing companies in an entirely new vertical within finance.


Need A Head-Turning New Website?

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Re-Imagined, Re-Designed, And Re-Developed EVERYTHING From The Ground Up. Organized Content In More Intelligent And Easily Consumable Way (the old website was an unorganized mess).


  • Launched within 4 weeks
  • On-going website support/maintenance, and SEO

The Old Website Was All Bare Bones With Little To No Design Elements. The Old Logo Was Outdated. We Created A Fresh And Modern Custom Logo And Then A Clean And Contemporary Website Redesign To Elevate The Brand.


  • Launched within 10 weeks.
  • On-going hosting and website support/maintenance.

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