Frequently Asked Questions

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What are your rates?

This is the most common question we get!

To level the playing field, we charge a monthly retainer. This is in contrast less expensive than charging for hourly SEO work.

There are no Cookie-Cutter packages or rates offered because every business is different and requires a custom evaluation and strategy.

Some variables in our calculation: Prior SEO work done or none, Website Health, Industry, Demographic, Desired Keywords, Competition level, Difficulty Score analyzed by our software.

What type of clients do you work with?

We work with businesses of many types ranging from large to small.

Examples: E-commerce, Law Firms, Medical Facilities, Roofers, Furniture, Plumbers, Web design firms, Marketing agencies and about 1000+ other type of industries.

SEO targetting is either Local, National, international or a combo of different areas.

As mentioned in our discovery page, the business must already have a steady flow of customers and is looking to grow bigger.

The company must already have a good reputation.

Is there a locked-in minimum duration contract?

No. You aren’t married to us with contracts.

However, the recommended minimum time frame for all campaigns is 6-8 months.

This ensures growth naturally, powerfully and fosters an ongoing SEO strategy which should be perceived as a long-term investment because that’s when the best results happen.

How long will it be before we see good results?

The rate at which your business website increases in rankings depends on various components. If no SEO has been done in the past and your keyword isn’t too competitive, results can be seen within a couple of months.


In contrast, if you are in an overly competitive niche, it can take much longer and require patience. Competetive niches can take up to 12-15 months or longer.


For the most powerful and speedy rankings we advise you increasing your monthly budget.


The higher the budget, the more recources we can put into the campaign and yield faster results.

Do you guarantee results?

It’s virtually impossible to guarantee 1st page rankings for competitive keywords in organic Google search.

What we can guarantee is a significant increase in your online exposure.

With that said, if you stay with the program long enough, for the recommended time-frame, you will get on page #1.

Getting there is inevetable and we know how to get it done.

It really rests on the clients patience and understanding of our industry.

Are there certain kinds of keywords you can't rank?

Some keywords can be so competitive that we simply can’t promise increased rankings.

Should this become the scenario, we’ll advise you.

How many links do I get?

Unlike other digital marketing agencies, we won’t carry out campaigns based only on quantity of backlinks.

Companies who pitch packages by the amount of backlinks could get sucked into creating poor quality links via working with spam-like softwares.

The dominant aspect which sets our campaigns apart is our concentration only on quality content distribution. We manually and carefully implement the essential components and the unique content ‘sticks’ in the Google search engine more naturally and much longer.

Who creates content?

All research, content curation, article creation, link building and reporting is done in-house.

Unlike some agencies, we won’t outsource the bread-and-butter of this crucial work to overseas services who may hurt your rankings in the long run with low quality work.

Where’s your business based?

Vigor SEOrchers is a web based incorporated business founded in New York Citys Brooklyn.

We work with client’s from all over the nation and some international as well.

The company was founded in 2010 by SEO Director Igor Yadgarov.

Igor is a successful Search Engine Optimization expert who’s passionate about building a tremendous web presence for his client’s.

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